To anyone in dance who reads this and asks for a follow:

If you have anything coming close to proana or thinspo material, I can’t follow you back. I can’t support anything that would encourage making others feel guilty for eating an apple for lunch, and shame on those who try to make others feel that way, because you are the cause of a lot of frustration, health issues and panic for people who need help, and you should be seeking that help yourself. Being a good dancer takes dedication and practice, and there is no requirement for dancers to have a BMI under 18. (Mine is 29, and I worked hard to get there in a way that didn’t involve starvation, vomiting or guilt for eating things that are healthful.)

If your dance teacher tells you that you are too fat, get a new dance teacher and report the old one. A real dance teacher won’t care about your size. They will care about your progress and dedication, and starving yourself for someone else’s idea of beauty makes that person an abuser.

And spread the word. We need healthy dancers, not dangerously thin ones, to teach the next wave of dancers.

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